The Fortweekly strives to be a preeminent damn-near-quarterly publication with enlightening articles on travel, history, and culture; critical essays on politics and life; all peppered with short stories, poems, and food/drink recipes. We promote discussion on topics both broad and niche, be they classical or contemporary, lowbrow or high, whether sobering and serious or imbued with wit and whimsical pretension.

The main issues of The Fortweekly are published every fourteen weeks (i.e. fortweekly). There are also fortnightly newsletters with short musings and links to other articles for the reader to check out. These newsletters are aptly called Fortnightlies.

Please also note that writings are not only published under authors’ real names, but also anonymously, pseudonymously, polynymously, heteronymously, Hieronymus Boschly, et cetera. We believe in authors’ freedom of attribution and that ideas can stand on their own. Plus, hawking verified Twitter handles on everything you write so you can argue with readers who disagree is a blight on modern discourse.